Videos of Book 1 Pieces

Twinkle Variation A (running, running, walk, walk)

Twinkle Variation B (1, 2, sh, 4)

Twinkle Variation C (run pony run)

Twinkle Variation (strawberry, strawberry)

Twinkle Variation E (running, running, running, running)

Twinkle Theme

Twinkle Harmony

Lightly Row
Go Tell Aunt Rhody

Song of the Wind

May Song

 Long Long Ago

 Perpetual Motion
Perpetual Motion (the Variation)

O Come Little Children

French Folk Song




Etude Variation
Minuet 1

Minuet 2

Minuet 3 
The Happy Farmer

Gavotte - F.J. Gossec

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