Welcome to the world of talent education! My name is Anne Delgado and I am a Suzuki violin instructor located in Folsom, CA.  I believe all children have great musical potential that can be cultivated with the right guidance, nurturing and support.  Talent education does require dedication, commitment and patience, but just like planting a garden, if the seeds are given the right nourishment, the rewards and benefits are limitless!  

I teach students aged three and up, and all my lessons incorporate technical skill development, ear training, theory, movement and balance activities, character building, guidance in practice and more!  My studio offers weekly private lessons, seasonal recitals and group ensembles. I also offer a blend of traditional teaching methods with Suzuki methods for older students who are looking to supplement strings instruction in the schools. 

**If you would like to learn more about my studio or to schedule a trial lesson, please contact me at a.d.violinist@gmail.com or (608)347-2376.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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