Benefits of Talent Education

Here are some ways that talent education will positively impact all aspects of your child's growth and development!
1. Learning a skill such as playing the violin develops your child's self-concept and helps them to appreciate fulfillment in their accomplishments.
2.  Children love what they can do (as was often spoken by Suzuki) and the Suzuki method not only ensures that children can and will be successful with each step of learning to play the violin, but that it can be engaging and fun to do!
3. The highly systematic and sequential skill building that encapsulates the Suzuki method, develops stamina, capacity, enthusiasm and respect for work not to mention increases concentration and focus.
4.  The rich and diverse repertoire that exists not only in the Suzuki books but also in companion literature will expose your child to a vast array of composers, styles and time periods.
5. Students will learn to not only play as soloists but will get to experience the joy of playing with peers through ensemble and group class opportunities.
6.  Suzuki students develop poise and confidence as they take pride in their achievements.
7. The "mother tongue" language approach to learning music increases your child's memorization and auditory processing through aural development and the emphasis on review of pieces and skills.
8.  Your child will love that they can entertain the whole family!
9. Scheduling a special time in the day that is set aside to enjoy and play music with your child creates a wonderful opportunity to spend time together in a positive and motivating environment.
10. Your child's talent will continue to serve them in all aspects of their life whether or not they choose to pursue music as a career.
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