Student/Parent Pledge 2015

Student Pledge 2015

__ I will bring my practice journal or binder to every lesson and use it while practicing so that I know what to work on.

__ I will handle my violin responsibly and make sure that I do not touch the bow hair or leave my violin in a place that is too hot or too cold.

___ I understand that studying the violin is a special privilege and I will make the most of my lessons by being ready to learn and try new things.

___ I understand that improvement involves repeating things correctly again and again.  Remember the saying, "Practice until you can't get it wrong," rather than "Practice until you get it right."

___ I promise to do review every time I practice including posture exercises for both the right and left sides.

___ I will listen to the music that I am working on every day as well as other genres so that my music vocabulary continues to grow.

___ I know that I will get the best results if I practice 5 - 7 days a week (even if it's a short practice session). If I don't practice at least four times, I can expect to work on the same things from last week's lesson.

__ I promise to clip my nails regularly and wash my hands before I play my violin.

___ I will show respect to my parents and my teacher during my lessons AND during practice sessions at home.

___ If I am enjoying myself during practice, I'm allowed to smile:)  If I'm not enjoying myself I will remember that I don't always have to like practicing but it is something I need to do most days so that playing the violin gets easier and then I can make more music!!




Participation Pledge for Parents/Students 2015


___ We will do our best to attend all lessons scheduled for the spring semester.

__ We understand that violin is a year-round activity and that it may be difficult to switch lesson times mid-semester. 

___ We understand that there is one make-up lesson per semester.  You are welcome to switch with another student ahead of time (using the master studio calendar) if it is mutually convenient for both students. Please notify me of this change as well. 

___ In the event of a missed lesson, we promise to call, text or email as soon as possible.  If it is later than one hour before the lesson, a make-up lesson will not be scheduled.

___ We will arrive early or on time to lessons to make the most of our time together.

___ We will arrive quietly and leave quietly  (and quickly) so as to not interfere with the lessons before or after our time.

___ If we bring siblings, we will make sure they can entertain themselves quietly in the room or wait at the bench or dining room table outside the studio.

___ We will bring ALL our belongings into the studio when it is our lesson time and stay in the waiting area (benches outside the studio) if we arrive before our scheduled time.

Group Classes:

___ We understand that group class is an integral part of Suzuki music study. We will mark our calendars and make it a point to attend all the group classes. 

___ If there is a conflict, we will notify the teacher in advance and plan on attending the make-up group class at the end of the semester. 

___ We commit to arriving on time and remaining for the duration of the class.

Rehearsals, Recitals, and Concerts:

___ We will make an effort to attend as many group classes, recitals and concerts as possible.  We realize that it is crucial to a students' musical development to experience as many different types of performances while practicing good concert etiquette.

Teacher’s Absence:

___ We understand that if the teacher has an unexpected absence she will:

Give a make-up, either at a time that is mutually convenient or during the June break.

Or, the makeup lesson may also be given as a master class, where 3-4 students share an hour and watch each other’s lessons.


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